Benefits for Journalists

Synapse is the first online Marketplace for PR pitches. Use powerful filtering tools to find the ideas that matter to you.

Find what matters

  • Review all your PR pitches in one platform, giving PRs instant feedback and reducing follow ups.
  • Search the Synapse Marketplace by sector, keyword, channel or pitch type to easily find the supporting content you need.
  • Get instant notifications on exclusives and use direct messaging to quickly get additional information from PRs.

Organise your content

  • Use Synapse to bring together PR pitches, links, images and other resources to collate all your content ideas in one place.
  • Keep a record of all of your published stories, unpublished ideas and PR interaction.
  • Use Synapse to manage and control all your conversations with PRs, saving your inbox from thousands of weekly emails.

Drive relevance

  • Own your profile to make clear to PRs what you want in the future.
  • Update your real-time status to tell the PR world what you want, right now.
  • Tell PRs whether you are actively accepting pitches, are on deadline or simply don't want to be pitched.
  • Send pitch requests to the Synapse PR Community, to get exactly what you need.
  • Order and filter PR pitches within the Synapse Marketplace using a host of metrics, which is impossible to do in your crowded email inbox.

Get value from the PR community

  • Get your inbox back! Use direct messaging to eliminate PR phone calls and email follow ups and keep all your PR correspondence within Synapse.
  • Use our PR and brand database to quickly find and approach PRs and spokespeople that are relevant to you.
  • Build a network of your strongest PR and brand relationships and prioritise their pitches accordingly.

Benefits for PRs

Use Synapse to secure more coverage, get true visibility on your campaigns and build meaningful relationships with journalists.

Target those that matter; reach everyone else

  • Personalise your pitches to key media and simultaneously share your ideas with all journalists on Synapse.
  • Get coverage from new journalists you’ve not worked with before, via the Synapse Marketplace.
  • Mark pitches as exclusive, private or marketplace to drive journalist interaction.
  • Add attachments, images, categories and tags to your pitch to increase your chances of acceptance, with none of the restrictions associated with email.
  • Make it clear to journalists exactly what you are pitching, e.g. a personal finance case study for national print media.

Get instant feedback on your pitches

  • Know if a journalist has read your pitch.
  • Track acceptances, declines and flags.
  • Report and download journalist interaction by pitch.
  • If your pitch is accepted, use Synapse to message the journalist directly and build a relationship.

Grow your own network

  • Use Synapse to build direct relationships with journalists, who can add you to their network of best PRs.
  • Utilise direct messaging in your network and demonstrate to your team / clients the value of the work you’re producing.
  • Group journalists together by a variety of metrics, to save time when building a campaign.
  • View detailed, real-time profiles owned by the journalists themselves and not via a third party.

Get real-time journalist updates

  • Know whether a journalist is open to being pitched.
  • View journalist statuses and see exactly what they’re looking for, in real-time.
  • Be alerted when journalists post a pitch request including opportunities for interviews, comments and features.

Access the most timely database ever

  • Journalists own their Synapse profile, meaning relevant information is updated in real-time.
  • Don't base your research on old information, such as what a journalist has previously written.
  • Instead, get an accurate view into what a journalist is going to be covering in the future and tailor your pitch appropriately.
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