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Synapse is the first marketplace for stories, enabling better collaboration between brands and the media.

We make sure the best stories get told.

Synapse allows PRs and journalists to save time, produce more content, work more efficiently and build lasting relationships.

PRs: don’t rely on email to get your message across.

Journalists: find what matters.

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Without Synapse

On a daily basis, fewer than 10% of emails sent to journalists have any relevance and some journalists get more than 1,000 a day.

PRs send mass emails because there is no other mechanism for journalists to find their story.

  • PR mass emails pitch

  • Journalist inbox overloaded

  • PR gets no feedback

  • Journalist misses good opportunities

What Synapse Does

Synapse is a stories marketplace designed to drive relevance, helping journalists find useful pitches and removing the need for mass emails.

  • Target

    PR targets journalists with relevant pitch

  • Reach

    Pitch is also shared on the Synapse Marketplace

  • React

    Journalist checks pitches targeted directly at them

  • Discover

    Journalist finds other useful pitches in the Synapse Marketplace

  • Refine

    PR gets automatic feedback on the progress of their pitch & maximises coverage opportunities

The Benefits

Benefits for journalists

Synapse is the first online Marketplace for PR pitches. Use powerful filtering tools to find the ideas that matter to you. Learn more

  • Find what matters & cut out the noise.
  •  Organise your content & story ideas.
  • Use Synapse as a platform to drive relevance from PRs.
  • Connect with the best PRs & brands.
  • Stop getting irrelevant pitches via email.

Benefits for PRs

Use Synapse to secure more coverage, get true visibility on your campaigns and build meaningful relationships with journalists. Learn more

  • Target those that matter; reach everyone else.
  • Get instant feedback on your pitches and track the progress of your stories.
  • Grow and manage your own personal network.
  • Get real-time journalist updates on what they want to be pitched.
  • Access the most timely database ever.

About Synapse

Synapse is the definitive new marketplace for journalists and PRs, signifying the next step in PR and media technology.

The platform has been designed in conjunction with the media, placing significant focus on the importance of helping journalists, brands and PRs to forge genuine connections that lead to quality reporting, long term relationships and genuinely impactful sharp-end narratives.

Founded by industry professionals from technology, PR and journalism as a marketplace and community for the media, Synapse’s role is to regenerate working relationships, drive efficiencies and generate new opportunities.

  • "Synapse will help us hugely by making it easier for the right people to connect on the right topics."  Ben Rankin, National Audience Director, Reach Plc
  • "Synapse creates better connections between journalists and PR professionals, helping our trusted brands to delivery quality and highly relevant news to our readers." John Rowe, Executive Director, National World
  • "The idea of only receiving targeted pitches and avoiding those with no relevance to me is appealing and would save me a lot of time on a daily basis." Alice Grahns, Deputy Consumer Editor, The Sun
  • "We see how a marketplace of PR pitches helps deliver relevant ideas to journalists in a more manageable way, compared with email, which regularly overloads our writing staff." Toby Granville, Editorial Development Director, Newsquest
  • "Synapse helps to put everything in one place. I often will put call outs on social media for experts or look around in 1000s of emails so this is more efficient. I would definitely recommend." Rebecca Carey, Deputy Head of Editoral SEO, Newsquest
  • "Synapse has been really helpful the last few days. I've had a few PRs come forward with comments and extra info which has meant I've managed to publish stories that I wouldn't have been able to do without the expert insight." Katie Collier, SEO Reporter, Newsquest
  • "The idea of being able to visit one site to get a look at all the stories relevant to me and avoid distracting and unwanted contact with PR offices really appeals to me. Synapse will put me in charge of the process." Anil Dawar, Editor at AQi (ex. Deputy News Editor, Express Newspapers)
  • "It's not easy to maintain those vital media relationships. Synapse is a great way of connecting and building mutually beneficial partnerships between PRs and journalists." Victoria Morton, Head of PR, Journey Further
  • “So far I haven’t yet quite found what I am looking for in a database and outreach platform, but Synapse looks set to do everything I need.” Holly Pither, MD and Founder, Tribe PR
  • "The answer to all of my prayers!" Sophie Godfrey-Phaure, Account Director, Ketchum
  • “Synapse strives to strengthen the relationship between PR professionals and journalists by providing a seamless platform to share stories and pitches.” Hayley Bromfield, Director of Sales and Marketing, PHA Group
  • “Synapse will help us to communicate high-quality, relevant content whilst enabling journalists to easily engage with us in order to ensure they have the correct information they need for their stories.” Charlotte Cavanagh, Senior Account Manager, Fleet Street Comms
  • “Media excellence means meeting journalists where they are, and tools which help that happen are a good thing. If Synapse can help mitigate ‘death by email’, it’ll be a value-add to hacks and flacks alike.” Sandy Downs, Senior Account Director, Teamspirit
  • “We’re really excited to see what Synapse can do for us and our clients. A platform that can help us create more meaningful connections with journalists and help create efficiencies in how we work together holds real potential.” Imogen Sackey, Associate Director, Fleishman Hillard
  • “We’re interested to see how the Synapse platform develops. We invest significant time tailoring our pitches and content, so it reaches the right journalists. But we can see the potential for this platform to make that process easier, deliver faster feedback and increase our impact.” Nicola Long, Director (Brand), Ketchum
  • “Synapse offers a new and effective way for PRs and journalists to connect; spelling the end to outdated mass pitching. It’ll mean both groups can find the content and contacts they need, at the time they need it – building focused connections, which are still so important, whilst saving time.” Bethan Williams, Senior Account Manager, Folk
  • "We are really looking forward to the launch of Synapse. Seeing what journalists are writing about in real time will be invaluable and will help us tailor our pitches to the relevant media at the right time." Amanda Moorhouse, Founder and Owner of MPR Communications
  • "At the heart of Synapse lies an unprecedented innovation - the world’s inaugural ‘Stories Marketplace’. Journalists will discover a cornucopia of relevant stories, sources, captivating content, and stimulating discussions within its digital realm." Mark Borkowski, Founder, Borkowski
  • “It’s exciting to see a professional marketplace being established which allows PRs to pitch stories and establish new relationships with media. Journalists often refer to their out-of-control inboxes so it’s good to see someone addressing this issue, as well as potentially opening up lots of opportunities.” Kate McWilliams, MD, Lotus